Temples Near Kolhapur


After defeating Kolhasur & other devils; the goddess of health, wealth & prosperity Mahalaxmi (Ambabai) decided to settle in Kolhapur (Karveer). For the complete defense of her empire, she appointed four guards at the four sides of Kolhapur (Karveer). Among these four guards; the most important is Jotiba; to whom Mahalaxmi (Ambabai) appointed at the northern side. Jotiba is even known as Kedareshwar. The alNarsinhwadi (Narsobachi Wadi)

Shri Narsinh Saraswati who is avtar (incarnation) of Lord Dattatraya lived here for twelve years.

Here Lord Dattatreya is in the form of his 'Paduka' situated below a Umber tree, which symbolises presence of lord Dataatrya there.

"Narsobachi Wadi" is also famous for Brinjal, Cucumber, Corn that are really very very tasty due to the fact that they are grown on the bank of river Krishna. Also do not forget to buy Pedhe / Pedha,Kavath(Limonia) Barfi & Basundi which are considered to be best of Maharashtra for its taste & quality.

Getting there : 55 km towards east from Kolhapur.mighty; God Jotiba; is the king of southern region; thus known as "Dakkahancha Raja". In this website; we are going to try our best to publish maximum possible information about Jotiba. The references are from Kedarvijay, Laxmivijay, Karveermahatmya etc. famous & the most authentic literatures available today. Every year on Chaitra Shuddha 11 th i.e. on the occasion of "Ekadashi" thousands of devotees gather on Jotiba hill. They celebrate their joy of visiting god Jotiba by dancing with the huge sticks; known as Sasankathi. During these days after worshiping god Jotiba; and after looking his royal grace; the joy of all the devotees is very hard to describe in words. At least once in your life; you must experience the satisfaction behind visiting Jotiba temple at Wadi Ratnagiri.

Getting there : 17 km from Kolhapur .

Bahubali of Kumbhojgiri

Bahubali hill temples are located 27-km south of Kolhapur on Bahubali Hills, which are popularly known as "Kumbhojgiri". It is a popular site revered by both Hindus and Jains. A Celibacy Resort was established over here in 1935 and named after the sage Bahubali who mediated here about 300 years before.

Getting there : Bahubali Hill Temples are located 27 km south of Kolhapur.


The name Vishalgad itself connotes grandeur and magnificence. This picturesque fort houses the Amriteshwar Temple, Takmak Tok, Sati Vrindavan and the dargah or tomb of Hazrat Malikdhyan Baba, visited by hundreds of devotees.

Getting there : Vishalgad is 76 km to the north-west of Kolhapur.


It is to the east of Kolhapur, ancient & artistic on the bank of the Krishna. It was built in 11-12 century by Shilahar. ln the interior we first see Vishnu (Dhopeshwar) & Shivaling facing north. But there is no Nandi who has separate Mandir. Separate Actor-Pendal, hall, old pillars, carvings of gods & rnale-fernale artists in various poses are attractive. The ceiling is semi-circular with rnatchless engravings. On the out side, complete 'Shivaleelamrit' is carved.

Getting There : From Kolhapur distance is 60-65 Kms to east.